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Join the ranks of elite HYROX athletes with our expert coaching and cutting-edge performance tools. The KRATOS app is designed to elevate your HYROX training with tools that were previously only available to the pros.

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Our Team

Our team comprises the top minds in athletic training, blending Olympic-level coaching with real-world applications to provide unparalleled guidance and support in your HYROX journey.

Michael Sandbach

Transform your potential with an elite HYROX athlete and seasoned coach.

Charlie Grice

Gain from the experience of a former World class 1500m runner who's now guiding athletes to greatness.

Barry Fudge

Benefit from the expertise of a world-renowned physiologist and running coach.


Unlock Your Full Potential with our Performance Index Tool

Discover the power of our Performance Index, a groundbreaking feature that assesses your strengths and weaknesses across HYROX events. It's not just feedback—it's a strategic plan tailored to boost your personal performance.


Pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement using our state-of-the-art Performance Index tool.


Apply these insights to fine-tune your training, focusing on where you can make the biggest gains.

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Calculate Your Running Zones with Precision

Our machine learning powered zone calculator delivers precise, personalized running zones. Train smarter and run harder, knowing you're working within your optimal range.

Meet Your New AI Coach: Ask Sandy

With Sandy, you receive the benefits of having a professional coach without the limitations. Get the guidance you need directly on your mobile device, ensuring that no question goes unanswered and every training opportunity is maximized.

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Access an extensive collection of exercise instructions and videos—all curated by our team of HYROX athletes, Olympic runners, and top-tier coaches. Whether you're aiming to start a new HYROX program, enhance your strength, or improve your running fitness, we've got you covered.

Exercise Instructions and Videos

Detailed, easy-to-follow guidance that makes training effective and enjoyable.

Expertise You Can Trust

Direct access to insights from the pinnacle of athletic achievement.

Improve Your Performance

Elevate your HYROX event results with targeted training.

Our Team

Michael Sandbach - Coach

Michael Sandbach, a dynamic addition to the KRATOS team, epitomizes the fusion of grit, resilience, and athletic prowess. His journey into the world of endurance sports reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence amidst challenges. Emerging from a background steeped in diverse athletic disciplines, Michael's transition to becoming a prominent Hyrox athlete showcases his innate ability to conquer obstacles and redefine limits.

With an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, Michael's competitive journey is adorned with notable achievements. His strategic approach and unwavering determination have propelled him to podium finishes and commendable performances in Hyrox competitions, setting a benchmark for excellence in thes port.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a hunger for success, Michaelepitomizes the ethos of KRATOS, inspiring fellow athletes to embracechallenges, defy odds, and embark on a journey towards greatness.

Charlie Grice, OLY - Coach

Charlie Grice, a pivotal team member of KRATOS, embarks on his journey from a multifaceted athlete to an esteemed endurance running coach.After navigating through injuries, Charlie's focus shifted solely to athletics, marking a turning point in his career. His breakthrough moments include shattering records at prestigious championships like the English Schools'Athletics Association and clinching a bronze medal at the 2010 Summer YouthOlympics, laying the foundation for his illustrious path in the sport.

Notably, Charlie's prowess soared in 2012 when he surpassed Steve Ovett's British junior mile record at the London Diamond League. His trajectory continued with remarkable feats, including becoming the youngest winner of theBritish Outdoor Athletics Championships 1500 meters title. Currently serving as an endurance running coach at Aspire Academy, Qatar, Charlie Grice's extensive experience ensures that KRATOS training plans are grounded in real-world performance and expertise, empowering athletes to reach new heights.

Barry Fudge, PhD - Coach

Barry Fudge, distinguished by his pivotal role as Head of Endurance at British Athletics and his instrumental support of legendary athlete Sir Mo Farah, stands as a towering figure in the realm of endurance running. With over two decades of exemplary leadership, Barry's tenure atBritish Athletics witnessed remarkable strides, propelling Team GB to unparalleled success in endurance running while nurturing Sir Mo Farah's illustrious career to new heights. Armed with a Ph.D. in Physiology, Barry's profound understanding of optimizing performance at the highest echelons of sport positions him as a beacon of excellence for hyrox athletes within theKRATOS community.

Currently holding the esteemed role of Head Coach for the Saudi ArabianAthletics team, Barry brings to KRATOS a wealth of experience and a relentless pursuit of innovation. His unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries ensures that KRATOS members have access to unparalleled expertise, empowering them to transcend their limits and carve their paths to greatness.

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