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Borderless Money Transfer

Kratos offers you the easiest access to the cryptocurrency world with the use of a secure wallet.


Your Omega Debit Card

Convert your crypocurencies into any of your preferred currency and withdraw at any ATM of your location.


Hedge against inflation

Hedge against inflation (Be in the 1%). Converting crypto to your preferred currency for various transactions.

Kratos Card

Spend Crypto Anywhere

Load your Kratos Virtual card with either Naira or converted crypto.

  • Instantly swap crypto assets in-app to top-up your card.
  • Safe and Secure crypto transactions
  • A Kratos physical debit crypto card COMING SOON!

Crypto to Kratos

Buy & Sell Crypto Assets In App with your Local Currency


Create & Fund Account


Buy & sell Crypto


Make & Receive payments

Buy & Sell in a matter of seconds with no hidden fees or charges just select a coin, view the price and get started. Kratos offers card services, wallet, bills payment, money transfers via contacts as well as to external addresses.

Payments at it's best

Everything you need in a finance app

  • 01

    Instant payments when you make transactions with cryptocurrency or when you get receive payments directly into your account

  • 02

    Secure Wallet with your kratos account where you can store your cryptocurrencies securely for free.

  • 03

    You can not just international coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. but also other african digital currencies apart from the Naira Tokens.

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